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Arto Gedik

Arto was a Victorian-era manufacturing jeweller. He was apprenticed to a firm in the heart of the Melbourne CBD back in 1987.

He attended the College of Jewellery Arts in Collingwood Tafe in 1988 which was a 4-year course of Jewellery making & Design.

With a rich history, Arto was introduced to the Jewellery industry by his Armenian family who is renowned in the craft of Jewellery and design.

Allowing his creativity, Arto flourished at such a young age, enabling him to establish his expertise and build a strong foundation in the jewellery trade.

Arto specialises in all types of material Silver, Gold and Platinum. Arto exceeds and maintains a high quality and skill to produce exquisite and intricate piece of jewellery. Arto possesses the highest standard of craftsmanship where he has the ability to design and make all types of jewellery from start to finish.

Sarah Pizzolo

The roots of My Passion for Jewellery are probably to be searched at the time when I was a child. I’ve spent so many afternoons snooping in my mother and grandmother’s treasures listening to the stories behind every single piece hidden in their jewellery boxes, and I used to have fun to draw them like princesses with their jewels. Now, 20 years later, one of the things I love the most is to remodel and reinvent these jewels full of life’s stories by pulling them out from the drawers where they’ve slept to give them a new form and a new life.

After graduating with honours at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, I attended the ‘Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana’, the jewellery making and design school in Milan, where I deepen my knowledge about jewellery making, design and CAD.

After working for a while in Italy in 2015 I decided to leave for Australia.

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