Micheli Master Jewellers


The roots of My Passion for Jewellery are probably to be searched at the time when I was a child. I’ve spent so many afternoons snooping in my mother and grandmother’s treasures listening to the stories behind every single piece hidden in their jewellery boxes, and I used to have fun to draw them like princesses with their jewels. Now, 20 years later, one of the things I love the most is to remodel and reinvent these jewels full of life’s stories by pulling them out from the drawers where they’ve slept to give them a new form and a new life.

After graduating with honours at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, I attended the ‘Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana’, the jewellery making and design school in Milan, where I deepen my knowledge about jewellery making, design and CAD.

After working for a while in Italy in 2015 I decided to leave for Australia.

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Tan Nguyen

Tan has been in the Jewellery Industry since 1990, making him a great asset to Micheli with 30 years of experience. After arriving in Australia in 1984 and completing year 12 studies, Tan went to RMIT University for Silver/Gold smithing, which also touched on gemmology and mineralogy which he had found very interesting. After studying, Tan began working in the industry immediately. Through his 30 years of experience, Tan has gained a lot of experience in different areas of Jewellery. Tan also previously had his own Jewellery repair shop before starting his position with Micheli. Tan has a strong passion for Oriental Jewellery and work, such as working with Jade gemstones and Oriental and Russian classical designs. A strong dislike of Tan's is manufacturing work at the moment, Tan feels as though everything looks the same and because of that that, it’s killing the innovation of designing and producing pieces that are more individualised.
Through his time at Micheli so far, Tan has had the opportunity to develop his skills in different areas, such as, restoration and repairs as well as create new and exciting pieces. ‘Micheli is such a friendly environment and there’s an open door policy and I get encouraged and appreciated”. - Tan