Director / Owner

From Marc, Director and Owner “As a  boy I was always extremely creative, I loved sculpting, building creating magic with my hands and imagination. I was always extremely independent. There was a tough moment in my life when my parents divorced when I was 8 years old. I felt I had to step up and be the man of the house and look after my mum and two sisters which shaped me into the man I am today.  I have  always been independent and highly energetic and  found it extremely difficult to work in a job that was repetitive and mundane. At the age of almost 15, I found after school work as a labourer in a cabinet makers warehouse and an assistant at fruit and veg shop. From there I went on to complete my Cert 4 in hospitality, working as a waiter, barista then moving into my passion at the time which was in the kitchen as a chef…all before my 18th birthday. After year 12, I  travelled and resided with family in Europe for 7 months where I studied French language and experienced fabulous adventures, Whereupon  returning to Australia I ventured into another passion,  architecture/building & construction. After studying and then working in a role as a Commercial Estimator for 2 years, I realised something had to change, I could no longer sit in front of a computer measuring and quoting day in day out,  I needed to keep growing and striving, I needed to unleash my creative self!


This is when I contacted my mum (Elvi) and stepdad Darren and I told them, I had decided  to do “my own thing” where I had freedom to grow........ and so my Micheli Jewellery Journey began.


My mum and stepdad owned 4  jewellery stores in regional Victoria, the main store  Micheli Jewellery in Warrnambool, where from the age of 13, I spent many hours sitting with the jewellers in the workshop, watching and learning, I always found it fascinating, I was genuinely mesmerised.


I contacted Mum and Darren in 2014 and commenced our entrepreneurial journey, working together wholesaling and creating an Australian Collection of  fine jewellery from New York,  distributing throughout Australia and New Zealand. It was a great success. Long story short we bought our first store in Moonee Ponds with the idea of retailing and wholesaling from the same location, this worked well for the first 18 months until our retail arm grew quickly and significantly to the  point of deciding to focus solely on Micheli Jewellery retail, this is our true passion.


This led us to purchasing a second store on Glenferrie Road road in Malvern which we soon relocated and launched our flagship store  In Malvern Central Shopping centre and here we are today, stronger then ever and loving every day. It is a complete joy working alongside my mum, step-dad, sister Anna and our fantastic team.  Micheli Jewellers is a beautiful brand of which we are extremely proud and passionate and am I am living my life excited to see what the future holds.

I have been hands on in the industry since I was 22, but jewellery has been part of my life since I was 13 years old with my parents owning a jewellery store when I was growing up. Im now 30 years old so that would 8 years in the industry.  


As an owner/director I oversee all aspects of the business from production, design and progression…but my love and passion is designing and creating one of a kind pieces with my clients. I love having the opportunity to get to know my clients personally and understand their style and desires to create their dream piece of jewellery.  

I am an independent, honest and happy person who loves to cook. By friends and family I am referred to as Arisitos, the TV chef because I can create a tasty meal with whatever I have in the pantry & fridge!


If I was any piece of jewellery in the world I would be an 18k yellow gold wedding band – it may get scratched and worn but it never gets old,  it just needs a little polish with love and care and its as good as new! 


Sales Associate

Hayley is our friendly, reliable and sincere sales associate who has been working with Jewellery for 10 years.  Before entering the jewellery industry, Hayley trained and worked as an Industrial Designer in South Africa for 10 years. After moving to Australia in 2009 she started her Jewellery Manufacture Certificate and went on to work as a Jeweller in a bespoke and fine jewellery manufacturing company in Sydney. I moving into the area of jewellery sales and design in 2019. Hayley was lead to the industry as she was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the mass manufacture environment of product development and wanted to return to something more creative and working with your hands. She was fascinated with the process of hand making jewellery, rather than the final result. Once she was accepted into the TAFE Manufacture course, Hayley decided to jump at the opportunity. When it comes to all time favourite trends, Hayley loves Art deco and platinum jewellery and styles with elements of the early 20th century Cartier and Bulgari. Hayley loves all that she does at Micheli, especially working with all of the wonderful people staff. “Each person is so unique and brings their own energy and style”. When asked what Hayley likes to do in her spare time, her answer was simply amazing. “No spare time with a toddler!” Ha! But she does love going out for coffee and trail running. If Hayley were to describe herself as any piece of Jewellery in the world, she would be remodelled jewellery, as each piece comes “with its own history and we get to give it new life to continue to be enjoyed and loved”. 



Diamond and Sales Consultant

Energetic, Passionate and slightly Clumsy, Cinzia is one of Micheli’s amazing Diamond and Sales Consultant with over 15 years experience within the industry.

Originally wanting to explore a future in the music industry, Cinzia gave up a great schooling opportunity to help her parents with a new business venture into the Jewellery world as they bought into a jewellery franchise called DiaOro Jewellers. “I fell in love with the industry and never went back to music. Once we sold the store I worked for Angus & Coote for a year before moving to a city jeweller for almost 10 years.”

It was during this time that Cinzia began studying at GAA, Gemmology Association of Australia. First Cinzia completed her diamond grading certificate, then went on to complete her Diploma of Diamond Technology. She also received the Barry Barrington award for the most promising diamond studies student in Victoria. She then went on to complete her advanced diamond grading certificate in 2018 as well as other short courses such as Rapaport Master Jewellers and Showcase jewellery knowledge. 

When 2 tone and 3 tone jewellery became a trend, Cinzia fell in love! The idea of working with different colour metals to make simple designs look magical is something special Cinzia will always adore.

She also adores adding different coloured diamonds & gemstones to designs also. 

Working at Micheli has even an amazing experience for Cinzia so far, as she loves how passionate everyone within the team is, making her feel right at home. She also loves working within a team where there are so many special people with skills she can learn from.

Away from the world of Diamonds, Cinzia loves spending time with her kids, cooking and singing even though she is often yelled at for singing too loud.
When asked what piece of Jewellery Cinzia would be and why, her answer was a round brilliant cut diamond ring! At first glance it’s beautiful but it’s slightly flawed and bottom heavy, “just like me haha”

Micheli Master Jewellers

Daniel Hoyle

Master Jeweller

The roots of My Passion for Jewellery are probably to be searched at the time when I was a child. I’ve spent so many afternoons snooping in my mother and grandmother’s treasures listening to the stories behind every single piece hidden in their jewellery boxes, and I used to have fun to draw them like princesses with their jewels. Now, 20 years later, one of the things I love the most is to remodel and reinvent these jewels full of life’s stories by pulling them out from the drawers where they’ve slept to give them a new form and a new life.

After graduating with honours at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, I attended the ‘Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana’, the jewellery making and design school in Milan, where I deepen my knowledge about jewellery making, design and CAD.

After working for a while in Italy in 2015 I decided to leave for Australia.


Tan Nguyen

Master Jeweller

Tan has been in the Jewellery Industry since 1990, making him a great asset to Micheli with 30 years of experience. After arriving in Australia in 1984 and completing year 12 studies, Tan went to RMIT University for Silver/Gold smithing, which also touched on gemmology and mineralogy which he had found very interesting. After studying, Tan began working in the industry immediately. Through his 30 years of experience, Tan has gained a lot of experience in different areas of Jewellery. Tan also previously had his own Jewellery repair shop before starting his position with Micheli. Tan has a strong passion for Oriental Jewellery and work, such as working with Jade gemstones and Oriental and Russian classical designs. A strong dislike of Tan's is manufacturing work at the moment, Tan feels as though everything looks the same and because of that that, it’s killing the innovation of designing and producing pieces that are more individualised.
Through his time at Micheli so far, Tan has had the opportunity to develop his skills in different areas, such as, restoration and repairs as well as create new and exciting pieces. ‘Micheli is such a friendly environment and there’s an open door policy and I get encouraged and appreciated”. - Tan