Throughout history, men would present women with a gold band to propose marriage. It wasn’t until De Beer’s mining company, who owned one of the first diamond mines discovered in South Africa, conceived the famous slogan “A Diamond is forever” that men started to present women with a “Diamond engagement ring” but men were still not all wearing wedding bands themselves.
The start of men wearing bands goes back to the first World Wars. At this time, soldiers started wearing bands in remembrance of their loved ones. And when the brave soldiers returned home, these gold bands became a symbol of their devotion and bravery and quickly grew such sentimental value as they "survived the war."
Since then, men have been wearing gold wedding bands as a demonstration of their devotion and commitment and it quickly grew to all men being presented a wedding band during their marriage ceremony.
It wasn’t until the early 60s that men started to explore different metal’s to be used as wedding rings. Such as two tone, white gold and yellow gold. The gold band is still the most traditional. But gents bands are now available in a variety of metals to keep up with the ever growing custom made market.
Custom made rings are not just for women, they’re for everyone.
May 04, 2021

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