The Micheli Name

Elvi Harris, the owner and founder of Micheli Jewellery in Melbourne

"Create the Magic"

is a mantra our founder and creative guru, Elvi Micheli, lives and breathes.

When you walk through the door of our store, you’re walking through the door of our home.

Magic, we believe, it is something each of us sees differently. It is an individual journey and a reflection of what we find most beautiful. That’s why all of us at Micheli Jewellery work closely with every one of our clients to ensure their piece is truly magical.

We share with you our knowledge, skills, our history and above all, our spectacular craftsmanship.

Marc Salzmann, the owner and co-founder of Micheli Jewellery in Melbourne

This love of creativity and magic has been passed on to her son, Marc, who is the co-owner of the family business and passionate about helping people find, or create, the right piece to tell their own unique story.

Micheli Jewellers values creativity, passion, care, but mostly, family.

Our Master Jewellers work with you to craft a piece you truly love, one that speaks to you in a way words cannot. We want you to wear and cherish your piece for years to come. Handcrafting exquisite jewellery that is truly magical is the cornerstone of what we do and we'd love nothing more than to be a part of your story.