What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds (also referred to as laboratory grown diamonds and man made diamonds) are grown in a controlled setting using advanced technology rather than mining diamonds.

Natural mined

Diamonds are created by the perfect environment deep within our mantel, beneath the Earth’s crust. They take millions of years to form, and can undergo many changes due to the conditions. Diamonds can only grow in certain parts of the Earth, and can only be brought to the surface by volcanic eruption. This doesn’t mean all volcanoes contain diamonds, and it also doesn’t ensure that diamonds being created right now, will ever see the light of day. Volcanoes also need to be inactive in order to even prospect mining.


There are two main methods to creating a diamond in a laboratory. The High pressure High temperature method, also known as HPHT, uses, as it’s name describes, the correct amount of pressure and the perfect temperature to help a diamond grow. This method comprises of large presses that can weigh several hundred tons and enormous heat to reproduce the conditions that created mined diamonds.It was first documented in 1950’s that diamonds were synthesized by HPHT, in a tiny industrial quality. But since then, scientists around the world worked tirelessly to create a more controlled environment for diamonds to grow that would be more cost effective. Which they did. And this same method, but with many variations is still used today.


The second method of creating diamonds in a laboratory is via CVD or chemical vapour deposition. CVD uses low pressure and high temperature to create an environment where a single diamond seed is used whilst infusing gasses into a vacuum chamber in order to force the carbon atoms to crystalise.

What is the benefit of choosing lab grown over mined?

Diamonds have in the past been the subject of controversy over the mining, procuring and chain of process. This was improved with the birth of the Kimberley process the early 2000’s to ensure a paper trail from mine to store. But this has not helped with the issue’s surrounding the environmental impacts mining has. Even though mining keeps jobs in countries where without, there may not be as many, by adding laboratory diamonds into the market, it has helped to ease the demand.

Lab grown diamonds do not have the expense of mining, nor the expense of shipping and insurance. As most laboratories will grow and cut on site, or in close proximity. Due to this main factor, one of the reasons for purchasing a lab grown diamond is due to the cost of a lab grown diamond is significantly less than a mined diamond. Meaning you can either opt to spend less on your engagement ring, or opt for a larger diamond within your original price range.

Due to laboratories also using mainly sustainable energy to power their factories, and no rejuvenation to the environment is needed after mining, lab grown diamonds are said to be better for the environment.

Frequently asked questions

Are lab grown diamonds graded?

Each Diamond is unique, whereas lab or mined, and each will exhibit certain characteristics in it’s colour, clarity and cut. Lab grown diamonds are no exception, so yes, lab grown diamonds are graded to same strict standards by independent gemological labs just as mined diamonds.

Are lab Grown Diamonds less expensive than mined diamonds?

Yes, by removing the expensive mining process, la grown diamonds are more affordable.

Can I receive a valuation for my lab grown diamond for insurance purposes?

Yes. For insurance purposes, we always recommend a valuation to ensure you’ll be covered for most instances depending on your insurance policy. If the worst should happen, and you require a replacement, if your insurance covers loss, then you will be supplied with a replacement to the closest size and quality that you had.

Do lab grown diamond test as diamonds?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are chemically, optically and physically alike to mined diamonds. With the same fire and scintillation, the naked eye, nor even with a loupe can tell the difference. Meaning they will in fact all test as diamonds.

Are lab grown diamonds colourless and flawless?

Much like mined diamonds, the colour and clarity can vary depending on each unique rough diamond. Regardless of the control over the growing process, once the chamber is closed and locked, mother nature still likes to grace us with her presence.

Do lab grown diamonds change or get cloudy over time?

Due to the chemical structure and physical appearance of lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds alike, neither will change over time. Lab grown diamonds have the same durability as mined diamonds and can withstand the same.

Are lab grown diamonds an investment?

If you’re in the market for an environmentally friendly, good value diamond, than look no further than lab grown. But with all gemstone purchases, the resale value can vary depending on a variety of causes such as supply and demand, new introductions to the market etc. But lab grown diamonds are a fairly new product so it is impossible to predict where the price will be in years to come.