The 4C


Have you heard of the 4C’s and thought, do I need to know that? What are they talking about?

When purchasing an engagement ring, you should familiarise yourself with the 4 Cs concept. This is how you can ensure you understand what you’re paying for.



A diamond’s colour might be the first thing you’ll notice. It represents the overall tone of the diamond. The highest colour is completely absent of any yellow undertone’s, and as you go further down the scale, you’ll slowly notice more and more slight colour.

Colour in diamonds are caused by nitrogen atoms within the lattice structure of a diamond. The more nitrogen, the more the yellow tint will become noticeable.

Although, the colour isn’t always visually comprehended, other factors like the cut, can often blur the appearance of colour due to the scintillation of diamonds.

At Micheli Jewellery, we select only the brightest diamonds, our consultants will show you in person how incredible diamonds and their features are.



Due to diamonds' incredible journey, there are many geological processes that can happen during formation. These natural changes in temperature or pressure can cause inclusions within the diamond. We call these birthmarks. They’re unique to every diamond, there aren’t two diamonds alike. The clarity grade indicates whether the inclusions will be visible to the naked eye.

Generally, diamonds above SI1 will have no visible inclusions. To avoid visible inclusions, it’s safe to stay above SI2.

Our Diamond consultants will always be completely transparent, and physically show you what these various grades mean and show you exactly where inclusions are within the diamond. If there are inclusions, but you cannot see them, that is great value!



The one ‘C’ that is often left out is cut. But the cut grade will influence the sparkle and refraction of the diamond. The cut grade is only used when describing a round brilliant cut diamond, due to the perfect symmetry of a round.

Years ago, mathematicians and diamond cutters realised there are certain angles and percentages when polishing a diamond that will ensure the most scintillation from a round brilliant. When a round brilliant cut is cut well, it will guarantee a dazzling display of rainbow colours.

Our team know how to select the shiniest of diamonds, this knowledge is what makes our team so special. Once you’ve gazed upon a diamond with a perfect cut, symmetry and polish, you’ll know why we chose it for you.



The carat weight is occasionally confused with the diamond size. Round Brilliant cut diamonds have a specific standard of how they’re to be cut for perfect refraction, so a 1ct round brilliant will measure between 6.3-6.5mm. But most other shapes will have various measurements for similar carat weights.

Our team at Micheli will only select diamonds for you, that are within their standard range. And most importantly, show you the difference between measurement and carat. We will help you select the perfect carat weight for your custom ring.