Meet the team

Elvi Harris, the owner and founder of Micheli Jewellery in Melbourne



First generation Australian of an immigrant family from Lucca, Italy, I have forever been fascinated by the beautiful world of diamonds and fine jewellery. From a young age, I had a desire to use these elements to create meaningful and unique pieces that hold special significance to their wearer. But most of all, my love for helping others is what led me to the jewellery industry.

Being in the industry for 17 years, my family & I have created countless masterpieces and been pivotal stepping stones in thousands of clients' special memories. This love of creativity and magic has been passed on to my son, Marc, who is co-owner of the family business and passionate about helping people find, or create, the right piece to tell their own unique story.

Marc Salzmann, the owner and co-founder of Micheli Jewellery in Melbourne



As a boy I was always extremely creative. I loved sculpting, tinkering and generally creating things with my hands. My working life began at the age of almost 15 working at a cabinet makers warehouse. I studied and worked as a commercial estimator for 2 years before I realised something had to change again! I needed to keep growing and striving, I needed to unleash my creative self! I had decided  to do “my own thing” where I had freedom to grow... and so my Micheli Jewellery Journey began.

As an owner/director I oversee all aspects of the business from production, design and progression…but my love and passion is designing and creating one of a kind pieces with my clients. I love having the opportunity to get to know my clients personally and understand their style and desires to create their dream piece of jewellery.  

Cinzia, Diamond technologist and consultant at Micheli Jewellery



Energetic, Passionate and slightly Clumsy, Cinzia is one of Micheli’s amazing Diamond and Sales Consultant with over 15 years experience within the industry.

Originally wanting to explore a future in the music industry, Cinzia gave up a great schooling opportunity to help her parents with a new business venture into the Jewellery world. “I fell in love with the industry and never went back to music. Once we sold the store I worked for Angus & Coote for a year before moving to a city jeweller for almost 10 years.”

Cinzia began studying at GAA, Gemmology Association of Australia. First, Cinzia completed her diamond grading certificate, then went on to complete her Diploma of Diamond Technology. She also received the Barry Barrington award for the most promising diamond studies student in Victoria. She then went on to complete her advanced diamond grading certificate in 2018 as well as other short courses such as Rapaport Master Jewellers and Showcase jewellery knowledge. 

Nicola, Manager and consultant at Micheli Jewellery



My name is Nicola, and I am the Manager at our Moonee Ponds boutique. I also work as one of our Jewellery Design Consultants, working closely with clients to create and remodel one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for every occasion.

My favourite jewellery styles are Art Deco and Art Nouveau. I am also heavily inspired by the jewellery of the Renaissance and Georgian eras. My passion when it comes to designing jewellery is finding ways to create symbolic meaning through references to my clients’ personality, interests, and significant memories, to truly encapsulate who they are and what this piece will represent in their personal journey.

 Micheli is my second family – everyone here is such an important part of my life and have shaped who I am as a person. Every person at Micheli is appreciated for who they are, and we all are encouraged to showcase our individuality and take an active role in the business. We are all genuinely dedicated to the shared purpose of being the best that we can in every element of our business and supporting each other to achieve this.

Bryn, assistant manager and jewellery consultant at Micheli Jewellery



My name is Bryn and I am the Assistant Manager at Micheli Malvern Central. 

I have spent the last 6.5 years in the Retail management world and the last 4 years in Luxury retail management. Previously managing a successful Fine Jeweller in the Northern beaches of Sydney NSW. I have a very fond passion of high jewellery featuring the likes of exquisite precious Coloured gemstones and diamonds. Bespoke pieces for those very special moments in life are what makes jewellery special to me.

Micheli is such a wonderful working environment. Being a family owned business I get to work alongside the managing directors and feel very included in the journey and vision of the brand. I love the interpersonal connections I get to make with clients and team members every single day.

Jasmine from Micheli Jewellery



My name is Jasmine and I am a Jewellery Design Consultant at our Micheli Malvern location. I am currently studying at the Gemmological Association of Australia, where I am dedicated to becoming a Gemmologist.

My childhood was filled with special moments shared with my Mum and Grandma, who are my inspiration behind everything I do. I organised my own Fashion Shows, showing them clothing and jewellery I made myself. My love of jewellery can be traced back to countless hours spent going through my Grandmother’s jewellery box with her, as well as my Egyptian heritage, embracing the vibrant colours and intricate detailed patterns of the Middle East and North Africa, particularly the use of Yellow Gold.

What I love most about working at Micheli is the profound stories behind every single piece of jewellery that comes into store, whether it’s grand or delicate, expensive or modest, there’s always a story. At Micheli, honesty is at the foundation of everything we do, we cherish our clients and there is always a warm, familial atmosphere amongst the team.




My name is Derek and I am the Master Jeweller at Micheli. At 15 years old, I went to a Jewellery school in Poland and graduated with a degree as Jeweller at 18 years old. For 7 years, I worked as a jeweller in Poland before coming to Australia in 1993.

For 4 years, I worked as a jeweller in Australia before starting my own company in 1997, Collonial Gold PTY, manufacturing hollow gold chains and bracelets, as well as restoring antique jewellery.

I am now working as the Master Jeweller at Micheli Jewellery, ever since they opened the store 8 years ago.



With 20 years in the trade, starting and finishing my apprenticeship back in Wellington, New Zealand and continuing on at the bench for 10 years before managing a business that specializes in buying and selling estate jewelry and bullion. Now, I have relocated to Melbourne (early february 2023) to start a new life across the ditch.

My favorite thing about working in Micheli is the family vibe, as soon as i walked in the door, i had the welcoming feel and i knew this would be an amazing place to continue my career.



My name is Callum Hitchings and I work as the manufacturing jeweller at the Micheli Malvern store. I started my jewellery apprenticeship at the start of 2019 back in my hometown of Perth after learning more about my great grandfathers silversmithing accomplishments and have been in love with the process of creating jewellery ever since. My passion for jewellery lies in the handmaking process, starting with a plain bar of metal and by the end having a beautifully created custom piece that the client with cherish forever. 

 I love working at Micheli's for the autonomous role in a great team and working on a wide range of amazing designs for fantastic clients.



Tan has been in the Jewellery Industry since 1990, making him a great asset to Micheli with 30 years of experience. After arriving in Australia in 1984 and completing year 12 studies, Tan went to RMIT University for Silver/Gold smithing, which also touched on gemmology and mineralogy which he had found very interesting. After studying, Tan began working in the industry immediately.

Tan has a strong passion for Oriental Jewellery and work, such as working with Jade gemstones and Oriental and Russian classical designs. "Micheli is such a friendly environment and there’s an open door policy and I get encouraged and appreciated”. - Tan


Jeweller & Jewellery Designer

The roots of my passion for jewellery are probably to be found at the time when I was a child. I’ve spent so many afternoons snooping in my mother and grandmother’s treasures listening to the stories behind every single piece hidden in their jewellery boxes, and I used to have fun to draw them like princesses with their jewels. Now, 20 years later, one of the things I love the most is to remodel and reinvent these jewels full of life’s stories by pulling them out from the drawers where they’ve slept to give them a new form and a new life.

After graduating with honours at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, I attended the ‘Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana’, the jewellery making and design school in Milan, where I deepened my knowledge about jewellery making, design and CAD.

After working for a while in Italy in 2015 I decided to leave for Australia.




Terry is our very own mascot, with over 2 years of experience in being a very good boy in the office. Responsibilities include lifting everyone's spirits and delivering smiles!