Roses are Red and Rubies are Too, How can I find the Right hue?

Did you know that Rubies are found in various hue’s and depths of colour? All the way from a soft light, pinkish red to the deep blood reds. But did you know they’re also available in pink as well? These are more commonly known as ‘Pink Rubies’ but can also be called, Pink Sapphires!!! What?

Yes, essentially, rubies and sapphire are both the same material, Corundum. But trace elements and impurities such as iron, titanium or chromium will vary the colour. So this means, these trace elements can produce such a beautiful range of different colours, including green, purple & Orange.

When searching for the perfect ruby, it’s always important to take your time, if something seems too cheap, then there’s a reason for it. Common reasons that can bring the value of a Ruby down are treatments, inclusions, and wear, such as scratches. Most of these are not an issue if they’re disclosed. The most common concern though are treatments that can cause issues later. For example, glass filling. This is where the gemstone is drilled to remove noticeable inclusions and then this drilled section is filled with a resin of some sort. During resizing, there are sections of the ring that are heated, and this heat can cause the stone to fracture where it has been filled.

I believe when searching for the perfect Ruby, there isn’t a right or wrong colour. The colour it should be is the one that will make yourself wanting to stare at your hand. Whether that’s a Pink, Purple Red or a Soft Blue – Red or that coveted blood Red Ruby, if it’s right to you, then it’s right.

Cinzia DiPierdomenico Dip.DT

Diamond & Sales Consultant

February 19, 2021

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