Salt & Pepper diamonds are a great alternative to your traditional white diamonds because the imperfections that naturally occur within diamonds during formation can occasionally make a diamond look unique and beautiful. They can contain either black or white inclusions, hence the name. Salt & Pepper diamonds can also exhibit many other colours, such as grey, mauve, yellow or even pink. And usually have a lovely smoky colour not found in many gems.

Typically, when diamonds are mined, they are sorted into gem and non-gem quality. And the non-gem quality diamonds will generally be used in the medical or industrial industries for purposes such as diamond tipped tools. They are also used for cutting and polishing diamonds. But now, these beautiful gems have gone from being the outcasts of the diamond industry to becoming the next big thing due to their earthiness and glistening ice grey aesthetics.

They are available in a range or shapes and sizes. In fact, salt & pepper diamonds are cut to exhibit the best symmetry to its inclusions, so they are also available in unusual shapes such as hexagon’s shield shape, kite shaped and plenty of other eccentric and wonderful shapes as well as your common shapes such as round, square and pear shaped.

They can be the perfect diamond for those looking for something a little different and unique.

We have an amazing team who’s skills are impeccable when it comes to finding the perfect diamond and a talented team of designers to seamlessly create the perfect ring for it.

Cinzia DiPierdomenico Dip.DT

Diamond & Sales Consultant

April 05, 2021

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