As one ages, we begin to understand appreciate fine Jewellery much, MUCH, more. As we begin to expand our knowledge, we will also begin to learn about the differences between your franchised, ‘big name’ Jewellers that exist all over the state or country, compared to the boutique, independent places that can’t be found in every mainstream shopping centre.

Just in case you have not learnt everything different about the two, here are some key (and most important) facts to remember.

Quality Control

When you go to an independent Jeweller, the quality of the piece you design, create and/or purchase will always be unique. When a person shopping for an engagement ring or piece of Jewellery visits a franchise, they walk out with a ring hundreds if not thousands of others have purchased. You have no idea where the metals are coming from, where the stone was sourced, if it has been created ethically… You have NO control over what you are getting. When you choose independently, you have quality control over precious metals, the setting, stone, everything. You have complete control over the quality of the piece from its inception to the finished product. Furthermore, an independent Jeweller will be far more passionate and experienced than someone working in a chain.

Value For Money

When you buy from an independent jeweller, you save money on pieces of the same or greater quality than those available in chain stores and this is due to several reasons:

Independent jewellers will respect your budget more than the big guys.

Because they are passionate about their skill and services, independent jewellers work together with you to create a piece you feel happy buying and proud to give, while franchises will just try to upsell and reach their targets and possibly earn commission.

When you shop independently, premium prices mean quality, not brand name.

When you purchase from a franchise or chain, no matter how credible, you are going to pay more for a diamond of the same size and clarity as one from an independent simply because there is a brand name associated.

Buying from an independent jeweller ensures economically friendly practices.

Independent jewellers will always know where their products and materials are coming from. If they are genuine and honest, they will be upfront with you about these circumstances. If they aren't ethical, and you choose to go with them… at least you do so knowingly. It is your choice.

Independent Jewellers Will Always Provide You With An Experience

Walking into a chain store, you are viewed as a commission, a means to make money and reflect employment behaviour... but to an independent Jeweller you are a person with a desire that they will want to help make come true. They will educate their buyers and work with them to create something truly special that they will love forever.

July 29, 2020

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