Introducing the Amelia Engagement Ring, an exquisite floral-inspired creation by Micheli Jewellery that captures the essence of blooming love and timeless beauty. Set in luxurious 18k White Gold, the Amelia features a captivating Round Brilliant Cut centre Diamond embraced by an enchanting floral flower setting.

The surrounding petals of the floral setting are adorned with meticulously placed diamonds, creating a radiant display of brilliance that mirrors the eternal nature of your commitment. The centre Diamond, cradled securely in a delicate 4-claw setting, takes centre stage amidst the floral bloom.

The Amelia continues its enchanting design with a grain-set half eternity diamond band, symbolizing the everlasting nature of your love. Every facet of this ring is a testament to Micheli's commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and intricate design, creating a timeless piece that tells a story of romance and enduring elegance.

Elevate your proposal with the Amelia, where the 18k White Gold setting not only enhances the diamonds' natural radiance but also stands as a symbol of purity and strength in your commitment. Celebrate your unique love story with this extraordinary engagement ring, a beautiful embodiment of the eternal bond you share.


Each ring is made with love, devoted to each client's preferences. At Micheli, we take pride in each piece that is created, from a personalised designing experience to handcrafting your piece right here within our in-store workshop. Every client is encouraged to bring their inspiration to the consultation and turn their dreams into reality.

All custom created rings are available in Platinum, 9K, 14K and 18K Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. 


Crafting unforgettable moments with custom-made engagement rings in Melbourne, Australia. Micheli Jewellery delivers with a promise: ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds, whether lab-grown or mined, all GIA or IGI certified. Discover your perfect ring with a touch of conscience & responsibility.