Introducing our exquisite Serafina Ring with a captivating Diamond Halo and mesmerizing Floating Setting. This timeless piece beautifully combines classic elegance with modern allure. 

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond takes centre stage, emanating brilliance and creating a stunning play of light with its expertly crafted facets. The Diamond Halo, encircling the centre diamond adds an elegant touch. The concept of the Halo can be traced back to Georgian and Victorian eras, where it was used to enhance the beauty of gemstones. 

The Floating Setting, creates an illusion of diamonds suspended in air. This setting technique gained popularity in the Art Deco period for it's unique ability to maximize the diamond's radiance. 


Each ring is made with love, devoted to each client's preferences. At Micheli, we take pride in each piece that is created, from a personalised designing experience to handcrafting your piece right here within our in-store workshop. Every client is encouraged to bring their inspiration to the consultation and turn their dreams into reality.

All custom created rings are available in Platinum, 9K, 14K and 18K Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. 


Crafting unforgettable moments with custom-made engagement rings in Melbourne, Australia. Micheli Jewellery delivers with a promise: ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds, whether lab-grown or mined, all GIA or IGI certified. Discover your perfect ring with a touch of conscience & responsibility.