Diamonds have in the past been the subject of controversy over the mining, procuring and chain of process.

 This was improved with the birth of the Kimberley process in the early 2000’s to ensure a paper trail from mine to store. But this has not helped with the issues surrounding the environmental impact mining has.

 Even though mining provides jobs in countries where without, there may not be as many, by adding laboratory diamonds into the market, it has helped to ease the demand.


Lab grown diamonds do not have the expense of mining, nor the expense of shipping and insurance as most laboratories will grow and cut on site, or in close proximity.

Due to this main factor, one of the many reasons for purchasing a lab grown diamond is due to the fact that the cost of a lab grown diamond is significantly less than that of a mined diamond.

This means that you can either choose to spend less on your diamond, or go for a larger diamond within your original price range.